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About Me

I am a versatile actor/musician with a passion for stage performance. Playing eccentric comedic characters is where I get my greatest kicks. And I enjoy bringing pathos and revealing character vulnerabilities in both comedic and serious roles.

I recently portrayed the Marquess of Queensbury in the touring musical drama Vengeance - The Demise of Oscar Wilde, and will soon be appearing as Roberto in Ariel Dorfman's Death and the Maiden.

Spotlight CV

Height: 6'

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Grey!

Location: Arundel, UK



John Mahoney Management


Poppadom Moon | In Memoriam | 2022


Director: Ross Scarfield

Fatdan Productions | Vengeance | 2021 / 2022

The Marquis of Queensberry

Director: Tracey Collier

Pandemic Players | Private Lives | 2020


Director: Dan Lane

Fatdan Productions | Love in the Harbour | 2020

Dan, Padre, The Voice

Director: Georgina Hanshaw

ACT | Chorus of Disapproval | 2019

Dafydd Ap Llewelyn

Director: Paul Tripp

ACT | Experiment With An Air Pump | 2018

Dr Fenwick

Director: Daniel Finlay

ACT | The Government Inspector | 2018

The Mayor

Director: Jullian Kerridge


"John Newcombe brings on a Broadway-level performance, particularly in his last moments on stage. His bitterness and stiff formality delightfully contrast Clark’s Wilde, and in the end when he reminisces his father and sons, he rises to the great heights of tragic monologues."

Full Review

"John Newcombe's portrayal of Queensbury is phenomenal and deserves to be seen on a bigger stage by a larger audience." - Daniel White, Albie Media

Full Review

"John Newcombe was excellent as the single-minded, bigoted Marquess of Queensberry, who was portrayed as the villain of the story. He made the character extremely unlikeable, although showed the audience a slightly softer side towards the end of the show" - Scene1+

Full Review


Keyboard/piano, acoustic guitar, violin; member and lead singer of covers rock band.

Accents: Welsh, London / Cockney, South East / Sussex, RP

Singing: Pop/Folk, Musical Theatre (light baritone)

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